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Community QB Rankings Survey

With a lull until training camps open at the end of July, there is no better time to run a survey asking everyone to rank the best QBs in fantasy football for 2007.  with ESPN and Yahoo! having released their own rankings, this becomes a little easier as there are other sources to help determine how these players have already been judged. (ed:  ESPN has Jon Kitna very low.)

Unlike RB where commitees seems to be the vogue strategy, there is no QB by committee to worry about.  There is one starter per team.  The worst QBs are on teams with obvious flaws.  The best ones are easy to identify.  It is those QBs in the middle that are the toughest to differentiate.  

As with the survey on #1 WRs, the one for QBS uses a drop down menu format.  This seems like the easiest way to handle a unique ranking system such as this.

A couple of points I'd like to make sure the survey-takers know. 1st, as long as the survey is open, you can go back and adjust your ranks. 2nd, you needn't have a Fake Teams account to participate. However, if you'd like to make comments on the results or on the site, you will need to set-up one.

To do so, click the "Create Account" link in the Menu section in the upper right (Or just click here.) Choose a username, password and provide an email address.  You will then receive an email requesting verification. Click the provided link and come back. After that very brief process, you will be ready to become an active part of our conversations.

Please take the time to complete the #1 WR survey if you have not already. (Click here for #1 WR)  It will close early Saturday morning, and I plan to have those rankings up by the end of the weekend.

Click Here to take the QB Survey