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Mark Buerhle to Boston For Who?

Yesterday's rumor of a blockbuster deal between the White Sox and Red Sox that would send SP Mark Buerhle to Beantown was met with some derision. Reports the Red Sox were offering a five-year contract to a soft-tossing lefty was too implausible to lend credence the to rumor.

Also in the report was the statement that the Red Sox had become the front runners after the weekend had begun with the Mets and Braves in the lead. Knowing the White Sox wanted a centerfielder and could use a shortstop, speculation lead naturally to top hitting prospect Jacoby Ellbury, AAA Pawtucket's starting centerfielder, and AA SS Jed Lowrie. Given the reports originated out of Chicago, there was little surprise the Second City writers wish listed the top minor league pitching prospect Clay Bucholz, and his two-years-younger teammate Michael Bowden.

Ellsbury and Lowrie would be a great catch for the White Sox. However, the Red Sox look to Ellsbury as a $380K alternative to current CF Coco Crisp. The player to watch in the Pawtucket outfield is Brandon Moss, the XBH machine recently profiled by Fake Teams here.

Why? Look at the boxscore from yesterday's Pawtucket/Louisville tilt:

Order Player Position
1 Ellsbury LF
2 McEwing 2B
3 Scales SS
Clean-up Moss CF
5 Bailey 1B
6 Tucker DH
7 Pritz RF
8 Kottaras C
9 Spann 3B

(Hat tip to Hinz57er.)