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New York Yankees Prospects

Last off-season, Yankees GM Brian Cashman was universally lauded for dealing aging veterans Gary Sheffield and Randy Johnson for five minor league pitchers, a major league calibre middle reliever and a minor league shortstop. The belief at the time was Cashman acted in order to build-up the stable of prospects the team could use to facilitate trades which would fill their needs as the trading deadlines (July 31 & August 31) closed.

Well, those dates are coming fast, and the Yankees have needs. Specifically, a major league first baseman, a major league 4th outfielder, a major league back-up catcher and bullpen help. Can any of the acquired players help meet one or all of those needs?

A quick look at the performances of the different players leads to a negative conclusion. However, the Yankees can use any of these prospects to get an upgrade over back-up catcher Wil Nieves and/or OF Kevin Thompson. This is not an assertion of value for the prospects, but the realization that Nieves and Thompson are the worst players at their positions and should be upgradable at minimal values.

One could easily think that any of the listed players could get Milton Bradley and the remaining $2MM of his 2007 salary from the A's. However, the Yankees would have a much harder time acquiring a major league first baseman or a good reliever for anyone or two of those "quality" prospects.

Whether another team wants anything to do with assisting the Yankees is a separate issue altogether.

Player Current Level IP H BB K ERA
Luis Vizcaino Majors 37 30 27 22 5.35
Kevin Whelan Hi A 33 24 38 43 3.82
Ross Ohlendorf AAA 34.2 42 19 25 5.19
Stephen Jackson AAA 62 87 25 43 6.10
Kevin Claggett Hi A 43.2 53 15 37 4.12
Humberto Sanchez Out For Season With TJ Surgery
Player Current Level AB HR AVG OBP SLG
Alberto Gonzalez AAA 248 0 0.226 0.270 0.323