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2007 XM Satellite Futures Game Rosters

Update [2007-7-8 13:42:27 by Eric Hz]: There have been a couple of rosters changes thanks to promotions. Off the US roster is CF Jacoby Ellsbury and SP Matt Garza. They were replaced by Twins' OF Matt Tolbert and Mets' SP Kevin Mulvey. Tolbert's slash stats are 313/374/452 with just 29 strikeouts in 230 ABs. Mulvey has a 3.40 ERA in AA, his first full-season since being drafted in 2006. He sports a nice 1.66 GB/FB ratio.

On the World roster, the Mets 18-year-old AA phenom, Fernando martinez, is out with an injury. In his stead is Astros' OF James Von Ostrand. In his first full-season since being drafted in 2006, he has an .820 OPS with 36 Ks in 237 ABs.

Update [2007-7-8 14:31:41 by Eric Hz]: Thanks to an injury to the Tigers' Cameron Maybin, Jacoby Ellsbury has been re-added to the US Roster.

The rosters for the 2007 XM Satellite All-Star Futures Game were announced on June 21st. The game is fast becoming, if it already isn't, the marquee event of the All-Star Game festivities. The rosters are selected in a collaborative effort between MLB, the 30 major league clubs and Baseball America and, and the game will be broadcast on ESPN2 at 4PM on All-Star Sunday. it will also be carried on Channel 176 on XM Radio.

Because of this collaborative effort, one only sees those players considered to be future stars in the game. There are no AAAA players. Because of this, these rosters offer fantasy players a glimpse into which players will be receiving extensive coverage once the off-season begins and prospect lists begin compilation.

What I am providing is an easy one-stop place to see both rosters and a notable statistic for each player so far. In the links provided to MiLB's Futures Game coverage and to that of Baseball America's US Roster and World Roster, there is more detailed information available. For, there is a direct link to each player's up-to-date 2007 stats page, and, in BA's, there is also a brief scouting report for each player. I suggest both for those interested in a fuller picture of the players involved.

2007 U.S. Team         2007 World Team        
Position Name Organization Birthdate Note Position Name Organization Birthdate Note
P Collin Balester Washington 6/6/1986 K:BB 3.53 P Pedro Beato Baltimore 10/27/1986 ERA 3.43
P Clay Buchholz Boston 8/14/1984 K/9 12.2 P Carlos Carrasco Philadelphia 3/21/1987 74.2IP/53H
P Joba Chamberlain New York (AL) 9/23/1985 K/9 12.0 P Fautino de los Santos Chicago (AL) 2/15/1986 .161 BAA
P Matt Garza Minnesota 11/26/1983 K/9 9.2 P Emiliano Fruto Washington 6/6/1984 .199 BAA
P Luke Hochevar Kansas City 9/15/1983 K/9 9.0 P Deolis Guerra New York (NL) 4/17/1989 0.96 WHIP
P Clayton Kershaw Los Angeles (NL) 3/19/1988 K/9 11.2 P Serguey Linares Pittsburgh 2/1/1983 2.14 GB/FB
P Chuck Lofgren Cleveland 1/29/1986 K/9 10.2 P Franklin Morales Colorado 1/24/1986 3.25 ERA
P Michael Madsen Oakland 11/29/1982 K/9 9.0 P Henry Sosa San Francisco 7/28/1985 .150 BAA
P Jeff Niemann Tampa Bay 2/28/1983 K/9 9.1 P Rich Thompson Los Angeles (AL) 7/1/1984 K/9 9.8
P Garrett Olson Baltimore 10/18/1983 K:BB 3.3 P Rick Vanden Hurk Florida 5/22/1985 K/9 11.0
C Bryan Anderson St. Louis 12/16/1986 OPS .844 C Robinzon Diaz Toronto 9/19/1983 94.6% CR
C J.R. Towles Houston 2/11/1984 AA OBP .402 C Max Ramirez Cleveland 10/11/1984 OPS .948
IF Brian Bocock San Francisco 3/9/1985 29 SB IF Elvis Andrus Atlanta 8/26/1988 19 SB
IF Adrian Cardenas Philadelphia 10/10/1987 7 HR in SAL IF German Duran Texas 8/3/1984 SLG .570
IF Chris Coghlan Florida 6/18/1985 OPS .970 if Alcides Escobar Milwaukee 12/16/1986 20 SB
IF Brent Lillibridge Atlanta 9/18/1983 22 SB IF Chin-Lung Hu Los Angeles (NL) 2/2/1984 SLG .515
IF Evan Longoria Tampa Bay 10/7/1985 OPS .926 IF Freddy Sandoval Los Angeles (AL) 8/16/1982 OPS .827
IF Steve Pearce Pittsburgh 4/13/1983 OPS 1.056 IF Geovany Soto Chicago (NL) 1/20/2007 OPS .941
IF Ian Stewart Colorado 4/5/1985 OPS .821 IF Craig Stansberry San Diego 3/8/1982 OPS .870
IF Johnny Whittleman Texas 2/11/1987 OPS .983 IF Joey Votto Canada 9/10/1983 OBP .419
OF Jay Bruce Cincinnati 4/3/1987 43 XBH OF Wladimir Balentien Seattle 7/2/1984 OPS .970
OF Jacoby Ellsbury Boston 9/11/1983 27 SB OF Carlos Gonzalez Arizona 10/17/1985 29 XBH
OF Cameron Maybin Detroit 4/4/1987 OPS .861 OF Gorkys Hernandez Detroit 9/7/1985 28 SB
OF Colby Rasmus St. Louis 8/11/1986 36 XBH OF Fernando Martinez New York (NL) 10/10/1988 18YR-Old in AA
OF Justin Upton Arizona 8/25/1987 OPS .969 OF Michael Saunders Seattle 11/19/1986 OBP .404