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Thoughts On Yesterday

Kenny Rogers had a triumphant return against the Braves with six shutout innings....There was a Rajai Davis sighting.  He stole two bases in a 2-4 night.  There is no reason he should not be playing....Carlos Zambrano pitched another good game.  He is back on the path to a Zito-esque payday, but I can't shake his willingness to take $80MM....Kevin Gregg continues to solidfy his role as the Florida closer.  He struck out two more batters in last night's save.  Of note, he has only struck out six in his last eleven innings of work...Andy Sonnanstine had a mediocre start - 7 IP 10H 1BB.  Alarmingly, he only struck out one....Is there any fantasy players who have stuck with Orioles starter Daniel Cabrera long enough to have benefitted from his great start last night?...Don't look now, but Rockies rookie catcher Chris Iannetta is now over the .200 average marker.  A second half sleeper?...With a .247 AVG, Rangers DH Sammy Sosa has driven in 57 runs.  A .349 AVG with RISP explains that.  Is that sustainable?  That aside, Sosa has had quite a season...Why were the Royals trading for Milton Bradley?