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Thoughts On Yesterday/Chat Links

Adam Melhuse homered for the Texas Rangers.  Since being releas...traded by the A's on June 9th, he has gone 6-13 with a HR.  Given the weakness of 2nd catchers in AL-only leagues, he has become a valuable fantasy player.

The Colorado humidor needs to be checked for PED use.  The Yankees rolled in and scored a total of five runs in getting swept in the three-game series.  As much as the Yankees line-up has struggled, there is no reason for that output.  It's got to be humidor 'roids.

Looking over the Orioles' line-up, there aren't too many players new GM Andy McPhail can trade in order to remake the team.  The hitters are aging and expensive, and Kevin Millar hits clean-up.  Going to yesterday's game, no hitter had an OPS greater than 2B Brian Roberts' 798.  Even the power-starved Dodgers have three players with OPS's greater than .800, barely over but over nonetheless - Luis Gonzalez, Jeff Kent and the top fantasy catcher, Russell Martin.

The Blue Jays' Shaun Marcum struck out just one of the Dodgers yesterday.  While three hits allowed is great in his six innngs of work, I wonder if the one K is the canary in the coal mine for his season.

Thank you, Felix.

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