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Chris Cooley

As long as I'm on my soapbox about tight ends, one often-overlooked tight end I like this season is the Redskins' Chris Cooley.  Cooley has played in every game of his three seasons and has started every game the past two.  He was the Redskins' leading receiver last season with 57 catches and 6 touchdowns - that's more catches and the same number of touchdowns as Santana Moss.

Cooley has been consistent his entire career despite playing with consistently changing quarterbacks.  With the (apparent) establishment of Jason Campbell as the starting quarterback, Campbell and Cooley should start to establish a rhythm.  There was already noticeable improvement at the end of last season; Cooley captured 56% of his season yardage in the seven games where Campbell was the starter.   Yeah, ok, that's not statistically all that significant, but I like the trend.  With Campbell still being relatively inexperienced, he'll continue to use Cooley as a short-range target.

As long as the Redskins stick with Campbell at quarterback, I expect to see Cooley establish himself as a second tier fantasy tight end.