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Edgerrin James

There aren't many running backs for whom a season of 1159 rushing yards and 6 rushing touchdowns would be considered a disappointment but that's exactly the situation with Cardinals RB Edgerrin James.  After two consecutive seasons with 1500+ rushing yards, Edge headed west to take a huge free agent contract with the Cardinals, but learned that money can't buy you everything.  For example, it can't buy you an offensive line.  It also can't buy you better than a 3.4 yards per rush average.  It can buy you a lot of tequila though.  Enjoy the desert Edge!

If James is going to return to fantasy football stardom, it all turns on the Cardinals' offensive line. New Head Coach Ken Whisenhunt has cleaned house, drafting tackle Levi Brown in the first round and bringing in center Al  Johnson and tackle Mike Gandy through free agency.  So far, so good.

The biggest change is one you won't be able to draft.  While former Coach Denny Green had gone through three offensive line coaches in three seasons (ugh), Whisenhunt has brought in former Redskins Hog Russ Grimm to run the O-line.  If there's anybody that can teach what it takes to play offensive line, I think it's Russ Grimm.

I think the addition of some new blood, the departure of overrated tackle Leonard Davis, and the steel of Russ Grimm and Ken Whisenhunt will provide a huge improvement in Arizona's offensive line play.   It's easy to discount the Cardinals because they've been terrible since the Ford Administration, but I expect a significantly improved offensive line and a sizable improvement in Edgerrin James' stats this season.