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There are a lot of minor league players to follow. Because of this, fantasy players need to gather information from many different sources to get a good idea of which players one should be keeping an eye on. I have my favorites, and I have those that are not-so favorites.

What I enjoy reading is minor league information from sources not generally associated with prospect analysis i.e mainstream magazines like ESPN, Sports Illustrated and The Sporting News. Because these sources are not focused on the hottest prospects, they tend to offer players that the mainstream prospecting sources ignore because of the lack of a favored statistic or less than glowing scouting assessments.

Here is a listing of the prospects identified by the individual writers for each major league team in last week's issue of The Sporting News in their still-favorite section "Hot Prospect". Some of them will be very familiar and some will be very obscure. All are worth noting.

Team Pos Prospect
OAK 2B Donnie Murphy
BOS OF Jacoby Ellsbury
KC OF Billy Butler
LAA OF Nathan Haynes
SEA OF Wladimir Balentien 12HR 324/386/560
BAL RP James Hoey 13.5K/9
NYY SP Jeff Marquez
TB SP Andy Sonnastine
TOR SP Dave Purcey
CWS SP Gio Gonzalez
CLE SP Chuck Lofgren
MIN SP Kevin Slowey
DET SP Eulogio De La Cruz 2.14 GB/FB 8.1K/9
TEX SS German Duran11 HR 297/359/558
MLW 3B Ryan Braun
SD 3B Chase Headley
LA C Lucas May 10HR 254/329/473
ATL OF Brandon Jones
WAS OF Mike Daniel 6HR 294/378/491
AZ OF Justin Upton
SF OF Nate Schieholtz
CHC RP Rocky Cherry
STL RP Chris Perez 15.6K/9
FLA SP Rick Vanden Hurk
NYM SP Mike Pelfrey
PHI SP J.A. Happ
CIN SP Richie Gardner
HOU SP Ricky Gutierrez
PIT SP John Van Benschoten
COL SP Greg Reynolds 1.94 GB/FB 6.8K/9