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NFL News - Sob Story Edition

Get out the tissues, it's time to sob over the sad, sad situations of NFL stars:

Adam "Pacman" Jones, DB, Basement Couch is back in the news again -- and once again it involves weapons being fired.  Jones is wanted for questioning about a shooting late last night outside an Atlanta strip club.  They're not saying Jones was involved the shooting (not yet) but they want to question him about some of his entourage.  Sigh.  Jones could've been reinstated after 10 games if he was on his best behavior - this isn't helping.  
And considering what's been going on there (Jones, Ray Lewis, Jamal Lewis, Michael Vick) wouldn't it be safer for the NFL to just ban every player from setting foot in the city of Atlanta?  They could just move the Falcons to San Antonio and be done with it.  

Daunte Culpepper, QB, Miami has had the NFLPA file a grievance on his behalf against the Miami Dolphins.  The Dolphins won't let him use the team practice facilities ("Hey Culpepper, toss that ball over here, Cleo Lemon needs it") but they haven't been able to trade him either.  Culpepper wants to try to force them to release him, but the Dolphins want to get something for him.  Culpepper will eventually end up somewhere, but considering how long the Dolphins dragged out the Trent Green episode it probably won't be soon.  Culpepper might be a very longshot last round pick if you have a deep bench in your league though.

Finally, there's the Oakland Raiders.  In my preview of Lane Kiffin, I said to watch out for signs that the Raiders are unhappy with his USC-style team building efforts.  

If you start seeing articles this summer about Raiders holding out, getting arrested, moaning about playing time, etc, it will be a huge warning sign to stay away.  There is nobody on this team with enough fantasy potential to overcome that.

Well it only took 7 days for them to prove me right!  

The squishy-soft Raiders were so upset about the difficult offseason training Coach Kiffin was putting them through that they complained to the player's union!  After receiving the complaint, the Raiders cancelled the last week of the workouts.  So instead of a hardcore early workout to start the long road back to NFL respectability, the Raiders are having a week off in front of the Playstation 3!  I'm sure the rest of the NFL appreciates it Raiders! Thanks for not caring! Care for some bon-bons?

I am completely and totally disgusted.  Kiffin created one of the great college football offensive dynasties of the past few decades: this guy knows what he's doing.  But the pampered "professionals" in Oakland can't be bothered to exert themselves enough to make that happen for them.   This is exactly the type of bad news I expected to see in Oakland.  If Kiffin doesn't bring this team around - assuming he hasn't lost them already -  it's going to be a long, painful season for the Raiders.