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Elijah Dukes

Since the latest news on Elijah Dukes, he has only had two pinch-hit opportunities.  With Rocco Baldelli already on the DL and BJ Upton joining him, the Devil Rays had no centerfield option.  Joe Maddon moved Delmon Young from RF to CF, and Young promptly expressed his displeasure.  Despite this, Dukes remains on the bench.

Personally, I don't think Dukes deserves the privilege of a major league salary, but that doesn't mean I haven't gone to bat for him as a fantasy asset.  However, I am no longer interested in doing so.

This brings me to a topic I expect most keeper league participants deal with.  How do you value a player like Dukes especially if you want to get him off the list of players who you route on towards success (definition:  those players on your team)?

More generally, how do you deal with a player who can be a fantasy asset but whose character makes him undesirable?