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Thoughts On Yesterday

Poor Matt Cain.  If the Giants' bullpen isn't blowing wins for him, the offense isn't scoring any runs.  He was the hard luck loser in a 1-0 pitching duel againts the Red Sox and Daisuke Matzusaka.  I'd be very surprised if the two wins isn't making Cain more available in trades.

Andy Sonnanstine was rocked for the second time in three starts.  He struck out five in five innings but allowed seven earned runs.  That one great start was so good that it will buy him a couple more starts, but, if those follow suit, then the hype will be forgotten.

Shaun Marcum struck out eleven Nationals in route to his fourth victory.  Sometimes immediate bad news (the Ryan injury and Marcum's failure in the bullpen) turns into great news - Marcum's $10MM a year starting ability in a $360K salary.

The Orioles recalled top relieving prospect James Hoey and immediately brought him into a 4-5 game in the 9th inning. He proceeded to allow three runs and could not finish the inning.  What is moe important - the failed opportunity or the fact he was used in the 9th?

The Dodgers' Jason Schmidt threw another stinker.  In mixed leagues, there is no reason to hope he's better than he has shown this season.  He's planted on my reserve roster and is passed over in leagues where I am looking for a starter.

The Royals started rookie Fernando Cortez yesterday, and he proceeded to make himself worthy of my Thursday evening post by going 2-3.  That is an excellent, but Esteban German pinch-hit for him later in the game.

Happy Father's Day.