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Thoughts On Yesterday

The Mets' Jose Reyes had the type of game that made fantasy teams everywhere select him in the Top 5 - three hits in three at-bats with a HR and three SBs.  Ubfortunately, it was only Reyes' third HR of the season and that is not what fantasy teams expected.

Roger Clemens pitched the type of game that would make everyone forget the Yanks are paying $28MM for him.  He struck out eight in 6.2 innings of work and allowed just two runs.  Unfortunately, the previously-torrid Yankee hitting failed to show and provided zero runs.

A's starting pitcher Dan Haren won his eighth game of the season and lowered his ERA to a miniscule 1.64.  There is quite a Cy Young race going on out west between Haren and Angels' starter John Lackey, whose 10 wins and low 2.00 ERA have him slightly in the lead.

Remember Rajai Davis, the Pittsburgh speedster recalled more than a week ago?  He started three consecutive games went 1-9 with three walks for a Pitssburgh-good OBP of .333.  Since he has one pinch-hitting appearance.  On June 10th.  I guess when a Pirates' team goes 3-4 over seven games, they don't want to ruin a good thing.

Felix Hernandez continues to be unimpressive and to live on the edge.  He allowed twelve hits in six innings of work.  All of his owners should feel fortunate he only allowed four runs.