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New Coach Preview - Norv Turner

Norv Turner - San Diego Chargers

Résumé Highlights:
1991 - Off Coord, Dallas Cowboys
1994 - Head Coach, Washington Redskins
2001 - Off Coord, San Diego Chargers
2002 - Off Coord, Miami Dolphins
2004 - Head Coach, Oakland Raiders
2006 - Off Coord, San Francisco 49ers
2007 - Head Coach, San Diego Chargers

Impact:  Here's another guy that's been around the coaching block a couple of times without a great deal of success.  And each time he fails, he returns as an offensive coordinator, gets amazing results, and gets hired as a head coach again.  Rinse.  Repeat.  I don't get it.  I'll give the guy a break though, this time he may have done it correctly.  He now takes over a team that went 14-2 last season, has a devastating defense, the greatest fantasy player in the game running the ball, and a young, ready-to-break-out QB to mentor.  That's a great situation no matter how you look at it.  In fact, I would go as far as to say it would be difficult for Turner to screw this up.    

Fantasy Summary: Can LT become an even better fantasy option?  He just might -- last season the 49ers' leading receiver was RB Frank Gore.  If Turner wants to start throwing to Tomlinson the big man's fantasy value will go even higher.   Look for another incredible fantasy season from TE Antonio Gates and decent fantasy totals from WRs Eric Parker and rookie Craig Davis.  San Diego still focuses on the run, but Turner's offensive schemes should improve the fantasy value of all the receivers.  There is the chance this passing offense could completely breakout this season, the pieces are there.   On the defensive side, Shaun Phillips and Shawne Merriman are still fantasy studs and Luis Castillo is on his way to that level.  The defense will be fine, the offense will be very good -- and may be better than that.

Note: I had an unexpected business trip come up for tomorrow, so you get a break from me until Sunday