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Trade Rumors

With the July 31 no-waiver trading deadline quickly approaching, the reports of trade proposals will beign in earnest. I find this more interesting than the slew of reality show/talent contests that occupy the non-baseball mind. I will provide an exception for Paul Potts, though. I find it stunning, not that someone so regular could possess such ability, but that it would have gone undiscovered but for the presence of the talent shows.

The report of possible baseball trades that spurred this post was from this morning's LA Times:

The Angels had preliminary discussions with Cincinnati about acquiring Dunn, according to a baseball source, but those talks quickly ended when the Reds requested a proven major league starting pitcher, a major league infielder -- preferably a second baseman -- and a top prospect.

Those demands were considered too hefty for a player whose $13-million option for 2008 would be voided if he's traded, meaning he could become a free agent after this season. The Angels probably wouldn't even trade second baseman Howie Kendrick for Dunn straight up, according to the source.

Angels' GM Bill Stoneman has been loathe to deal any of his prospects. If Reds' GM Wayne Krivsky didn't know this, he should be let go for incompetence. Assuming Krivsky is competent, though, how do you interpret the offer?