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Thoughts On Yesterday/Chat Links

Blue Jays' starter Dustin McGowan made his 5th consecutive quality start.  As safely as a fantasy player can be with a back-of-the-rotation starter can be, he should be a solid fantasy pitcher now.  His strikouts are not eye-popping so the caution exhibited with the Boof Bonsers and Jarrod Washburns should be exhibited.

Giants' rookie Tim Lincecum had his third consecutive poor start.  The strikeouts are still good (15), but the 16 earned runs in 14.2 innings are not.  He isn't a buy-low because the glow of the accolades won't fade that fast, but he is no longer a must start unless you're already chasing Ks with 90+ games remaining.

James Loney's first 2007 HR has him tied with his main competition at firstbase, Nomar Garciaparra.  Throw-in Matt Kemp's 3-4 and maybe the Dodgers have found some offensive spark.

The A's Jason Kendall went 3-4 with his first HR of the year to get his season AVG to .210  Is this the beginning of a stretch where Kendall's batted balls find holes?  Prior to his 8-17 stretch, he had a BABIP of .213 and a contact rate of 87.6%.

Anyone else notice how poorly Rangers' 2B Ian Kinsler is hitting?  The double-digit HRs and SBs are nice, but a 230 AVG is not what anyone wants to see.  He exited April with a .298 one and preceded to hit a Kendall-esque .174 in May and .220 in June.  Nine of those ten HRs came in April.  This isn't a Brian Roberts circa 2005 is it?

FMLB with Tristan Cockcroft< at 11AM.

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