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Texas Rangers

The Texas Rangers are currently the worst team in the major leagues.  A game and a half behind them are the Kansas City.  Two-and-a-half back are the Cincinnati Reds.  If he hasn't signed them already, do you think Super Agent Scott Boras is selling Vanderbilt 3B Pedro Alvarez on his excellent working relationship with Rangers' owner Tom Hicks?  Do you think the Rangers' need for a thirdbaseman in 2009 is part of the pitch?

Frankly, Boras is sitting pretty even if the Rangers fall to third amongst that group.  Slipping from #1 overall to #3 isn't a drop in the current use of the word.  Rick Porcello dropping from #2 overall to #27 is a "drop".  Matt Harvey dropping from the first round to the 3rd round and 118th pick  (effectively the 4th if one rightly includes the supplemental first round) is a "drop".

With the Nationals and Orioles looking like Top 10 selectors, Scott Boras needn't worry too much about a drop to either team.  The burgeoning rivalry between the two organizations should guarantee one of them will take Alvarez if he fell that far (and if Boras client Matt Wieters tears-up the minor leagues, Alvarez would be a lock to go to Baltimore.).  The Houston Astros, Pittsburgh Pirates and Chicago White Sox will also be in the mix, but two of those three can't be considered serious candidates to pay above MLB's imposed slot system.

I find a scenario where Scott Boras is not given a plum opportunity to set 1st-year player draft contract records implausible.  He is already the big winner in the 2008 MLB Draft.