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Thoughts On Yesterday/Chat Links

Update [2007-6-12 12:37:37 by Eric Hz]: So true:

Andrew (Venice): How have you enjoyed the blog experience this year? Easier than only writing columns? (I'd think so). As satisfying?

Rob Neyer: (12:30 PM ET ) It's not easier. I'm writing more than ever, and a blogger never is off-duty. As satisfying? I'm not psychologically equipped to answer a question like that.

With Joe Crede's decision to undergo back surgery, White Sox rookie 3B Josh Fields becomes the everyday starter.  He is off to a slow start (3-21) with just one walk and eight strikouts.  If given enough time to get acclimated, he should be a decent 3B going forward.  AL-only leagues should add him right away.

I found Bruce Bochy's decision to let Matt Morris finish last night's 4-3 victory over the Blue Jays a little curious.  Closer Brad Hennessey had pitched the previous day.  Is he unavailable for back-to-back appearances?  If not, that doesn't bode well for his closing future.

Dodgers' catcher Russell Martin stole his eleven base last night.  With 7 HRs and slash stats of 298/366/470, am I the only one who would rather have him than Twins' catcher Joe Mauer?

Don't look now, but the Seattle Mariners are in the thick of the play-off hunt.  Brandon Morrow's third win came in a two-inning appearance in which he allowed seven runners.  Is that what being effectively wild is all about?

Shane Victorino swiped his 18th base of the year.  He hasn't had this many swipes since the 2003 season.  As interesting is the 10th SB of teammate Michael Bourn.  Victorino has 18 SB in 241 ABs.  Bourn has 10 in 35 ABs.  Want to know which team in your league flies-up the SB category later this year?  The one that has Bourn following an injury/trade a starting Phillies outfielder. (ASSUMPTION: Bourn can hit well enough to get 241 ABs!)

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