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Yovanni Gallardo

There is a rumor flying throughout the blogosphere that the Brewers will recall top pitching prospect Yovanni Gallardo and put him in the bullpen.  The rumor's origins are apparently a radio interview given by Brewers' General Manager Doug Melvin.

Given Gallardo's AAA dominance (98 Ks in 71.2 innings), he is a player that should be added to any pitching-bereft fantasy roster.  In the real world, unconfirmed rumors are not solid grounds for action, but, in the free-for-all of fantasy baseball free agent pick-ups, Ready!  Fire! Aim! is the rule of law.

Update [2007-6-12 12:5:28 by Eric Hz]:

Eddie (NYC): For those of us at work and not listening to the radio, what exactly is the Gallardo rumor? Are they officially bringing him up into the pen?

Nate Ravitz: (12:01 PM ET ) Sorry. Melvin said they were seriously considering a move to call up Gallardo to put him in the pen. Again, I'm sure this would be a temporary move.

Update [2007-6-12 15:29:49 by Eric Hz]:

Steph - CT: A GM Radio interview indicated a Gallardo to middle relief call up SOON. In what format would you suggest taking him NOW! Thank You.

Pete Becker: (3:06 PM ET ) Yeah, I heard about that interview, and it sounds to me like we'll see Gallardo by the weekend. I imagine he's already gone in most formats where he'd be useful as a reliever, namely, all monoleagues and deep (16-team, 23-man roster) mixed leagues. Shallower than that, he's a grab-and-stash in the hopes that he gets to the starting rotation soon. He'll be a clot closer to that -- the rotation -- than in Triple-A.