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Thoughts On Yesterday/Chat Links

Remember when David Wright ended April with zero HRs?  He hit his 12th yesterday and is right back where anyone would have expected him to be when he was a late first/early second round pick.  The 12 SBs are nice, too.

The Tigers' Andrew Miller won his second game and won it ugly - four earned runs and eight runs allowed.  I find his GB/FB ratio of 6:5 in this start curious as it is nowhere close to his overall minor league one of 4.55.

Royals' reliever Zach Greinke struck out five Phillies in two innings of work.  This comes right after manager Buddy Bell says he will be the back-up closer to Octavio Dotel.  Am I the only one who doubts Greinke has the mental make-up to fill any high-pressure role?

The Devils Rays' starter continued to strike out Marlins like a MS Word Spellcheck on a dyslexic's dissertation.  Rookie starter Andy Sonnanstine k-ed 10 in seven innings of work and has yet to walk a batter in 14 major league innings.  Can we begin saying Minnesota's Kevin Slowey is an Andy Sonnanstine-lite?

At 1PM, Baseball Prospectus' Bryan Smith will be talking minor league prospects.  I am interested to see what he has to say after a weekend to think about the action of last Thursday and Friday.

FMLB with Chris Harris at 11AM.

MLB with Steve Phillips at noon.

MLB with Buster Olney at 1PM.

NFL with Scouts' Ken Moll at 1PM.

FMLB with Matthew Berry at 3PM