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Roger Clemens FAAB Bid

The free-agent bidding for Roger Clemens occurred last night in my AAOK 124.14.  (That's Auction-draft AL-Only Keeper league 12-teams, 4x4, 14 keepers for the acronymically-challenged.)  I did not submit a bid at all.

Why?  First, my FAAB (Free Agent Acquistion Budget again for the acronymically-challenged) was partially depleted due to bids on Joakim Soria, Scott Baker and  Devern Hansack.  (ed: One out of three ain't bad.)  With several teams having more  FAAB, I decided earlier in the week that I had no chance to land Clemens and went ahead and put a minimum bid in for A's reliever Santiago Casilla.  That move has been rewared with 5.1 scoreless innings, a win and a save.

Second, I currently have more starters than I am comfortable holding.  In order of importance, they are John Lackey, Joe Blanton, Ervin Santana, Shaun Marcum and Bartolo Colon.  Assuming good health, Clemens would appear to be more of the same at the cost of no FAAB going forward.  With more than half the season remaining, that is an opportunity cost I am very wary of paying.

Finally, I'm just not sold on how dominating Clemens will be.  It may be heretical, but I'm not so sure Clemens is any more than a good third or fourth fantasy starter i.e. 4.25 ERA/1.30 WHIP. If I am correct, then I can trade for a pitcher of that caliber and retain the flexibility of my FAAB.  (ed: Didn't you do that when you traded for Ervin Santana? Me:  I hope.)

All of these factors went into my decision to withhold a FAAB bid on Clemens.  That doesn't mean your decision to bid was a bad one, though.  For another perspective from a league member, check out Boogey Blog's take.