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New Coach Preview - Cam Cameron

Today starts a week of previews of this season's new Head Coaches.  These seven guys are going to be seven very important factors in fantasy football this year.  In alphabetical order, starting off with:

Cam Cameron - Miami Dolphins

Résumé Highlights:
1985 - QB Coach, Michigan
1994 - QB Coach, Washington Redskins
1997 - Head Coach, Indiana
2002 - Off Coord, San Diego Chargers
2007 - Head Coach, Miami Dolphins

Impact:  Cameron is a quarterback expert having helped develop Antwaan Randle El, Phillip Rivers and Drew Brees.  That's good news for Dolphins fans especially with former Chiefs QB Trent Green coming in to take over.  While it seems as though Green has been with the Chiefs for about 50 years, he spent the early part of his career in Washington where his QB coach was...Cam Cameron.  So having Trent Green in orange and teal should mean a solid season for Green and an improvement for the Dolphins receivers.  Looking past Green, having Cameron help develop rookie John Beck looks promising for the franchise over the long term.

Fantasy Summary:  Miami quarterbacks were a fantasy wasteland last year but with Cameron on board Green should be a decent fantasy option.  Chris Chambers and Marty Booker are solid receivers and will have good deal of fantasy value with a stable quarterback (finally) throwing to them.  Think about it: when was the last time Green had any decent wide receivers to throw to?  Ronnie Brown finished with one TD in his final seven games, but considering what Cameron has learned coaching LaDanian Tomlinson the past four years you should draft Brown expecting a huge improvement.   Finally, remember how Cameron built an offense that made Antonio Gates a star.   Randy McMichael is gone but keep an eye on whomever comes out of camp as the #1 tight end; that player will play a significant role in the Dolphins offense this year.  It would also help Green if they gave the tight end Tony Gonzalez's number.