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Hopefully, Will Carroll will make this week's ESPN chat.  With Felix Hernandez struggling, Joe Mauer forever having his activation pushed further into the future and Roy Halladay's triumphant return last night, there are plenty of fantasy studs to talk about.  Throw in a little Jason Giambi torn plantar fascia and the reports of it being a three week injury versus others that say the rest of the season, too.

Within that same George King article is this even better piece of information:

Before Yankee fans get hot about their team acquiring right-handed hitting first baseman Mark Teixeira from the Rangers, forget it. The Yankees know the Rangers are shopping him due to a rift between Teixeira and first-year manage Ron Washington and don't plan on talking to them.

Let the trade speculating begin!

Fantasy Injuries with Will Carroll at 11AM.

MLB with Jerry Crasnick at 1PM.

NBA with Chris Sheridan at noon.

MLB with Jayson Stark at noon.

Fantasy Football with Scott Engel at 3PM.

NFL blogger Matt Mosley at 4PM.