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Prospect Hot Sheet 3.0

Baseball America's "Prospect Hot Sheet" is out for this week, and it offers great news for Red Sox fans who are either on the ledge following the Clemens signing or want to gloat over the Yankees' minor league pitching depth.  (The last two starts notwithstanding.)

AA RHS Clay Buchholz gets the top spot as a result of 35 Ks and 3 BBs in 27.1 innings, and Hi A RHS Michael Bowden appears at #12 due to 41 Ks and 7 BBS in 39 innings.  Combined with Jacoby Ellsbury, who was promoted to AAA recently, the Red Sox look like an organization who is going to begin adding the minimum salary contributors that will allow it to pay full-price in the free agent market for the best players.  Never mind the resurgent Brandon Moss who is hitting 305/416/581 in AAA and still only 23 years-old.

There are no ties to the Randy Johnson trade, but I enjoy noting that Braves OF Brandon Jones did crack the list at #18.