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Closer Clarity

Boston Red Sox:

Jon Papelbon was passed over for a save following a 35-pitch outing last Thursday where manager Terry Francona admits JPap's velocity was down.  Nothing appears to be wrong, but I can't dismiss it in combination with previous reports that the Red Sox check JPap's shoulder every day.

Toronto Blue Jays:

Jays GM J.P. Ricciardi is suggesting Jason Frasor needs some AAA time.  With a GM butting-in on bullpen management, nothing good can come to Frasor owners.  Jeremy accardo has had tremendous success, but expect the odds to treat him unfavorably.

Detroit Tigers:

Joel Zumaya was placed on the DL with a dislocated knuckle.  If Todd Jones chooses the next couple/three months to forfeit his closer's role, the job will fall to Fernando Rodney.  That may end-up leaving Zumaya in the the set-up role for any even longer amount of time than most fantasy players would prefer.

New York Yankees:

Mariano Rivera picked-up saves in Thursday's double-header and then went the weekend without an opportunity.  That is good news, but I'd have liked to see who manager Joe Torre would have used on Friday.

San Francisco Giants:

Brad Hennessey earned a save for the Giants while Armando Benitez rested a balky knee.  For closer speculators, he pitched in the 8th on Friday and Saturday following that save.  While I'm sure everyone would prefer to see Tim Lincecum become a right-handed Bill Wagner, Hennessey looks like he is next in line to close.

Tampa Bay Devil Rays:

Sleeper closer Juan Salas has been suspended for 50 games following a postive PED test.  The current closer is in no danger of losing his job.  However, former future closer Chad Orvella will be recalled, and the situation bears watching.  At the slightest hint of rest for Al Reyes i.e he needs a couple of days off because he hasn't pitched a lot over the past couple seasons, pounce!

Kansas City Royals

Octavio Dotel is progressing nicely towards a return to the closer's role in KC.  No matter what he does, assuming he is immediately given the closer's role, Joakim Soria remains a must-keep in keeper leagues.  I wouldn't be surprised to see the job split between the two.  The market for bullpen arms is so strong that Dotel need only be a good one to net the Royals a top prospect.