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Reggie Willits

The Angels recently moved rookie outfielder Reggie Willits to the lead-off role folowing the promotion of Gary Matthews, Jr. to the third hole and Garrett Anderson to the DL with a strianed hip.

Willits is a player I have been following for more than a year.  I first made the blogosphere aware of him on my original blog, rotisserie baseball musings:

Given the Angels are aggressive on the bases and that Angels' manager Mike Scioscia uses his bench players, Reggie Willits passes my initial screens and seems to be a good short-term pick-up if only for 2 or 3 SBs in two weeks.

With an additional break or two, he could be a 2006 surprise 20-SB player.

I was a year pre-mature.  Technically only five and a half months. Willits finished the final two weeks of the 2005 season by stealing three bases.

Having touched upon him several times on Fake Teams, I want to re-iterate his value in all formats.  For mixed leagues, he is essentially Kenny Lofton for as long as he, Reggie Willits, plays regularly - a good AVG/SB player. The key part being "for as long as he plays."  In AL-only formats, he is a must-add.  The SBs make him a $20 player.  Again, for as long as he plays.