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Tim Lincecum

With pitching sensation Tim Lincecum about to prove all the prospect-focused commentators correct, I wonder if he deserves a moniker of royaltyy like his younger counter-part in Seattle or if he can simply be as fearsome as this:

Follow. But. Follow only if ye be men of valour, for the entrance to this cave is guarded by a creature so foul, so cruel that no man yet has fought with it and lived. Bones of full fifty men lie strewn about its lair. So, brave knights, if you do doubt your courage or your strength, come no further, for death awaits you all with nasty, big, pointy teeth.

As Arthur King of the Britons asked:

Q:Who are you who can summon fire without flint or tinder?
A:There are some who call me... Tim.

Can Tim the Enchanter conjure up images so fearsome that opposing hitters will soil their armor like Sir Robin?