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Jorge Julio

He's coming back!  Thanks in no small part to a $2.6 million obligation, Marlins reliever, Jorge Julio, is likely to come off the disabled list this weekend.  Some of you may remember him from his 2007 performance as the worst pitcher in fantasy baseball - 5.2 IP and a 4.59 WHIP with no saves.

Today's South Florida Sun-Sentinel reported this tidbit:

Jorge Julio, who began the season as the closer, is eligible to come off the disabled list today. He likely will be activated sometime this weekend.

Owens' numbers are among the reasons Julio will have to earn back his old job. Earlier this week Gonzalez said Julio would not immediately return to ninth-inning duty.

If Owens continues pitching well and Julio turns things around, it should be interesting to see if or when the Marlins give their $2.6 million man another shot at the job they acquired him for.

"Would not immediately return"?  Doesn't that imply he will return to closing duties?  I can't believe it would be possible, but I have to believe my reading comprehension skills in combination with the fact the Marlins are not giving him the maximum amount of time allowable to pitch in the minors before being forced to activate him.