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Houston Astros

I am not a huge fan of many of the managerial decisions made by Astros manager Phil Garner.  Most of that is accounted for by his determination to use Orlando Palmerio as a pinch-hitter, in an offense that struggles to score runs, over the power bat of Jason Lane.

Because of this bias, I could not leave the following blurb from this mornings' Houston Chronicle uncommented upon:

Astros manager Phil Garner said he wouldn't be opposed to starting Lance Berkman in the outfield at some point, which would allow him to start Mike Lamb at first base and Mark Loretta at third base in an effort to generate more offense.

So he is going to sit the rightfield duo of Jason Lane/Luke Scott and thirdbaseman Morgan Ensberg in order to make room for Mark Loretta and Garner favorite Mike Lamb?  Am I the only one who now sees Lane, Scott, and Ensberg being passed over in pinch-hitting situations by Orlando Palmeiro?

A possible hitting solution could come from an examination of the 2000 Mets who immediately began to win ballgames when Rey Ordonez was replaced by the much better-hitting Melvin Mora.  Should the Astros try to double their chances by doing the same with their SS, Adam Everett, and their catcher, Brad Ausmus?