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Armando Benitez

No sooner do I mention that Benitez is as safe a closer as any then he is dealt to the Florida Marlins.  The question is who closes in San Frnacisco and who closes in Florida.

For the Giants, let me say that there is a mad rush to pick-up Brad Hennessey in Yahoo!, ESPN, CBSportsline, etc.  Recall that Hennessey did have shoulder soreness a few weeks ago so looking at a 2nd choice is wise.

That is not quite so easy.  I'd offer-up AAA reliever Brian Wilson because he is the one GM Brian Sabean designated this past off-season, but Wilson hasn't pitched since the 20th.

As for Florida, Kevin Gregg has been outstanding this season and doesn't deserve to be replaced by Armando Benitez.  Maybe he won't.  Fredi Gonzalez has been quite flaky when it comes to his 9th inning man so Benitez in middle relief is possible.

And what about the recently-activated Henry Owens?  He lost the closer's role due to injury and now he is going to be pushed where?  The 7th inning?

The trade doesn't make any sense for the Marlins.  At least when they acquired Jorge Julio, Gregg was untested as a closer and Owens was an unknown against major leaguers.

Update [2007-6-1 6:24:36 by Eric Hz]: From the South Florida Sun-Sentinel:

the Marlins are now closing with Kevin Gregg, who will likely remain in that role. Manager Fredi Gonzalez said he would speak with Benitez today about how the Marlins would use him.

From the Contra Costa Times:

Giants manager Bruce Bochy didn't anoint a new closer, saying he would discuss it with his coaching staff on the bus ride to Philadelphia late Thursday night. But he flatly ruled out rookie Tim Lincecum from consideration. Brad Hennessey, who pitched a perfect ninth inning to save Wednesday's victory, is expected to get first crack at the job.