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Mark Teahen

Following a tremendous final two-thirds of the 2006 season, the Royals Mark Teahen was an enigma to fantasy prognositcators.  Was his 2006 season a fluke given he had never hit for double digit power?  In five minor leagues seasons, or parts thereof, he had a grand total of 25 HRs.  He hit 18 in 2006.

In those same minor league seasons, he stole a total of nine bases.  Last year he stole 10.  Geez in the major leagues, he has stolen 17 overall.

Projections were all over the place.  Simply taking his final four months of production and extending it over a full season would make him a 30/100/20 player.  That is a first round pick/$40 player.

Was that reasonable to expect? Did anyone draft Teahen as if that was possible?