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Draft Fallout -- Jordan Palmer

Trying to make you forget the Jason Campbell Era: Redskins QB Jordan Palmer

Jordan Palmer - Washington, 205th overall - is my longshot candidate to be a fantasy starter this year.  He gets a mention for two reasons:  one, my in-depth scouting of Texas-El Paso via midnight Saturday Night ESPN broadcasts while I'm drunk reports that Palmer "likes to chuck the ball all over the field".  Two, he was drafted by Washington who replace their starting quarterback practically every week.  OK, not really, but the Redskins have started six different quarterbacks over the past five years.  That includes Danny Wuerffel!  So it's not too crazy to think that some combination of early losses and injuries could cause the Redskins brass to give Carson Palmer's little brother a shot.  It's unlikely, but if you're in a very large league or a league with a large keeper allotment, he could be worth a late round flyer.