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Chat Links

This weekend I learned that all of the ESPNers who host fantasy chats also write the ESPN-ized version of a blog, too.  I guess an Insider subscription is like Excel - an excellent tool but vastly under-utilized.

With the Yankees seven games under .500 and only 103 to play, meaningful October games are beginning to fade.  Everyone knows that Yanks came back from more games under .500 a couple years ago, but was that an exception?  Is that season the equivalent of the 100-year-old tabacca-chewing, hard-drinking, 3-pack a day smoker?

FMLB with Nate Ravitz at 11AM.

Joe Morgan at 11:15AM.

Rob Neyer at noon.

NFL w/Matt Williamson at 1PM.

FMLB with Peter Becker at 3PM

NFL with Pro Football Weekly at 4PM