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Last season Maurice Jones-Drew finished with 13 rushing touchdowns - tied for 3rd in the league - even though he arguably wasn't the team's starting running back. I seem to remember every highlight of Jones-Drew showing him running for 60-yard touchdowns so I went back and took a look at every play where Jones-Drew scored on a run

Opp TD play
NYJ 6 yd run
NYJ 4 yd run
HOU 1 yd run
HOU 3 yd run
NYG 3 yd run
BUF 14 yd run
MIA 32 yd run
IND 18 yd run
IND 43 yd run
TEN 12 yd run
NE 74 yd run
NE 1 yd run
KC 5 yd run

I was somewhat surprised to find that Jones-Drew had seven short yardage rushing touchdowns, more than Fred Taylor. At 5'-7", he's not your typical goal line back. Jones-Drew isn't a consistent 13 touchdown running back like Steven Davis or Rudi Johnson and I can't see drafting him as if he was. You simply can't expect him to have five or six long touchdowns again next season.

His ability to score from short yardage is the key to his value. Jacksonville doesn't utilize the fullback in the red zone, so Jones-Drew looks like he should continue to get the call. Even if his touchdown total drops to 7 or 8 this year - which I think is likely - he's still a valuable #2 fantasy running back. I'm just going to have to keep reminding myself not to get carried away by those 13 touchdowns.