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Prospect Hot Sheet 6.0

Baseball America's "Prospect Hot Sheet" is out, and it is headed by Brewers RHP Yovani Gallardo.  There is little surprise there as he has dominated the hitter-friendly PCL in ways that make me recall Matt Cain circa 2005. If Gallardo follows the same path, fantasy players will be looking at one of next year's draft sleepers.

A little further down the list is Red Sox Low A 1B Lars Anderson.  His slash stats are noteworthy enough (324/411/500), but it is the number of ABs that struck me.  At 176, there are enough to begin adjusting the pre-season ranks to incorporate the good and bad from 2007.   Including Buchholz, Bowden, Ellsbury et al, The Red Sox have several players performing at levels that will make them one of the more talked-about organizations next off-season.

In AL-only leagues, keep an eye on Fallen Prospect Brandon Moss.  He's only 23 and his slash stats at AAA (293/391/540) are a good improvement over his 2006 AA ones (285/357/439).  If he were a Yankee, he'd already have 15+ starts in outfield because the Yankees would have had the option of placing Johnny Damon and/or Bobby Abreu on the DL instead of having them struggle through injuries due to a complete absence of AAA outfielders.