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Remember Me?

My fantasy reviews of the 2007 NFL Draft are over but there's still one "rookie" left to talk about. While everybody in your league is pouring over tired draft reviews (not mine, I mean those other guys), avoid the crowd and keep an eye on near-rookie linebacker Chad Greenway in Minnesota. Greenway tore his ACL in a preseason game last year and missed the entire season.  Now the AP is reporting that he's healthy, fired up, and ready to go.  

Greenway was drafted 17th overall in 2006, ahead of rookie defensive stars Tamba Hali, Mathias Kiwanuka and DeMeco Ryans.  Greenway was targeted  early as a fantasy star, in the same mold as fellow rookie linebackers A.J. Hawk and Ernie Sims.  The injury ended that talk and sent Greenway to the cold, barren purgatory of injured Vikings (I think it's in Minnetonka).

If Greenway were coming out in this year's draft, he would be considered a top 3 rookie linebacker.  He has a starting slot already lined up in Minnesota and he spent last year learning the defensive playbook.  The Vikings offense will sputter (Tarvaris Jackson?!)  and the defense will find itself on the field a lot.  If the injury is fully healed then Greenway should be a solid fantasy contributor this season.  Consider him a good sleeper candidate at linebacker.