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Fantasy Injuries

With the recent focus on fantasy football and then an esoteric post on the meaning of the Runs Expectancy Matrix, some interesting injury news has occurred over the past couple days.

The first is the season-ending elbow surgery for Atlanta Braves reliever Mike Gonzalez.  As a successful former closer, he had plenty of fantasy value even if it were just potential.  Fellow reliever Raphael Soriano sees a bump in current and future value.  However, I can't help sensing that Bob Wickman will outlast Soriano, too.

Next is the removal of Felix Hernandez from his start last night with back trouble.  After five shutout innings, he became less effective in the sixth and allowed two runs.  I'm still concerned about the runners allowed (9), but more so about the possibility of the back being a cascade injury.  If Will Carroll would rather watch cars go in circles, then I will say it!

Today, the Marlins announced reliever Henry Owens will not be back for another week or so.  To go from being activated on Thursday, 15 days after being placed on the DL, to another week of rest signals a rotator cuff is as serious an injury as I'd have expected.

The Yankees are going to put Johnny Damon on the DL.  With the Boss calling GM Brian Cashman out in the New York tabloids, this injury has the chance of getting Cashman fired.  With no organizational depth in the outfield - minors and majors, the mistakes Cashman made in building the team will be too apparent.