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The big baseball news today is the Brewers' recall of top hitting prospect, 3B Ryan Braun.  With the Brewers in San Diego tonight, this move wasn't just made to give Braun major league ABs during the nine-game stretch of interleague games played in AL ballparks which begins on June 8th.  In fact, that stretch is 13 games from today.  Braun is up to stay and should be rostered by all fantasy teams that can fit him.

I'm sure many fantasy leaguers will wonder whether to start Braun over most of the largely disappointing field fo 3Bs. There is no reason not to start him over any of them that are ice-cold right now until those players begin to heat-up.  I wouldn't waive a Garrett Atkins for Ryan braun, but I would reserve Atkins and start Braun.

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