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2007 Fantasy Football Mock Draft Results

Here is what I drafted. The team isn't what I'd have done if there was no provision for points-per-reception. That little quirk forced my hand a couple of times. The first was the selection of Marvin Harrison with my second pick. Normally, I would have taken another RB, but Harrison's reliable 90+ receptions per year are the equivalent of another 900 yards receiving, and he will always be a double digit TD receiver. 1200 yards receiving plus the 900 equivalent ones from the receptions and 10 TDs makes Harrison a better value than most RBs avaible at 13.

When I got to my third and fourth selections, I felt I had to take a 2nd RB and decided to grab Brandon Jacobs. At this point, there were RBBCs on the board and I wanted the one who enters 2007 as the lead back. TE Kellen Winslow was my next selection. It was another PPR-based one. Those 93 receptions translated to 930 yards. Added to his 850 or so, and I saw a 1700 yard receiver available at TE.

By the time the draft came back to me at #60, there were only possession-types and deep threats. Once again, I went the PPR route and choose Deoin Brnach over Joey Galloway in hopes the extra 20 catches would negate Galloway's bombs. My next pick was strange.

I was trying to decide whether to take another WR and fully commit, on May 24th, to one at my flex or take Minnesota's Chester Taylor - a sure-fire pick at #13 but for the presences of rookie Adrian Peterson. I was using every allotted second, and the autodraft took Moss! He was being considered but I missed the memo saying the time limit for each selection was one minute not the 1:30 to 2:00 I have become accustomed to in Yahoo! drafts. Nevermind the unlimited amount in live drafts.

After that, I was committed to taking a thrid RB and possibly a fourth for depth pruposes. But by the time the 84th pick came-up, There weren't two RBs I wanted so I took LenDale White - not before reveiwing what skeller said. Then I took Vick figuring I'm getting the 600 yards I'd have expected from another RB.

At this point, I had a full starting roster minus the kicker and a defnese. Those were my last two picks going in, and that was something ppr couldn't change. So it was offer to the races with sleeper picks and bench depth. Again, ppr heavily influenced my choices of Dwayne Jarrett (again after reviewing skeller's thoughts) and Eddie Kennison. I took Ted Ginn Jr based not on a change from disappointmwent to hope as a Dolphin's fan, but on the assumption that, in fact, the Dolphins may have made a smart choice.

My 4th and 5th reserves were RBs. At 13, I passed on Denver's Travis Henry because of the Shanahan Factor. But at #144, Shanahan could be my friend. Mike Bell was not the player traded. Tatum Bell was. That has to mean Shanahan likes him enough to continue playing him, right? My last selection was rookie Michael Bush of the Oakland Raiders. With the inexplicably bad Lamont Jordan and career RBBC Dominick Rhodes, who knows? Camps haven't started yet and an injury/continued ineffectiveness to either would puch Bush right twoards a RBBC situation - a tactic that looks to be the defining trend in fantasy football 2007.

QB Michael Vick ATL 8th
RB Ronnie Brown MIA 1st
RB Brandon Jacobs NYG 3rd
WR Marvin Harrison IND 2nd
WR Deion Branch SEA 5th
WR Santana Moss WAS 6th
TE Kellen Winslow CLE 4th
FLEX LenDale White TEN 7th
K Stephen Gostowski NE 14th
DEF Atlanta ATL 15th
BN WR Dwayne Jarrett CAR 9th
BN WR Ted Ginn Jr MIA 10th
BN Eddie Kennison KC 11th
BN Mike Bell DEN 12th
BN Michael Bush OAK 13th

This is a link to the MDC draft results.