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Elijah Dukes.  Is there any reason the Devil Rays shouldn't cut bait?  Are they afraid he will actually murder someone if he doesn't have baseball to keep him busy?

What's a worse sin - taking steroids or threatening a soon-to-be ex-wife and her children with murder?   Who said the worst things Elijah Dukes or Don Imus?

Why doesn't Bud kick Dukes out of the game instead of shunning Barry Bonds?  Am I the only person worried about priorities?

FMLB with Tristan Cockcroft at 11AM.

NBA with Chad Ford at noon.

Keith Law at 1PM.

FMLB with Matthew Berry at 3PM.

Football Scientist KC Joyner at 4PM.

Update [2007-5-24 10:30:53 by Eric Hz]: From Tim Marchman:

Since everyone knows this, the best thing for the Devil Rays to do is absolutely nothing at all. The whole story is repulsive enough on its own. Can we at least be spared the spectacle of a team being outraged by a player's threats to murder his own children, but not quite outraged enough to take them more seriously than a power stroke at the plate?