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Draft Fallout - Patrick Willis

Of course I'm going to be reviewing individual defensive players!  As if you needed to ask!

Whatchu talkin' bout?: Niners LB Patrick Willis

The premier fantasy IDP to come out of the draft was Patrick Willis (11th overall) who should be an early favorite for Defensive Rookie of the Year playing for the 49ers.  There are multiple factors that make Willis's selection by the Niners a great opportunity for fantasy players.

One, Willis will step in as the starter right away.

Two, the Niners already have established linebackers in Derek Smith and 2006 fantasy breakout Brandon Moore so Willis has some cover when he makes mistakes and doesn't need to carry the entire defense himself.  

Three, the San Francisco defensive line has more holes than a George Lucas script, giving up 121 rushing yards per game last season.  All the SF linebackers will be called on to make a lot of tackles.

Put that all together and Patrick Willis should be a legitimate fantasy LB.  Depending on how many IDPs you start weekly in your league, he could be worthy of a starting position.  I expect 100+ tackles from a healthy Patrick Willis this year.