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Chat Links

If it is Wednesday, then it is Jim Callis time.  With the MLB draft nearly here, I'm sure he will want his chat to focus on the draft.  Given ESPN2 is going to devote an hour to it, I wonder if JC will have any choice but to pump it?

I've included a link to an NBA chat because last night's lottery has given plenty of fodder for complaint - the three worst teams pick 4th, 5th and 6th.  Given one of those is the Boston Celtics, is there any doubt Len Bias, Reggie Lewis and Tim Duncan won't be mentioned in the context of some sort of permanent Boston curse?

In the fantasy arena, there will be the obligatory closer questions.  I wonder how long it will take for the MSFM opinion to shift towards Ryan Dempster being removed in favor of Angel Guzman, who made his first post-closer-in-training appearance with 1.2 IP no runners allowed and two Ks?

Fantasy Baseball Focus at 11AM.

NBA with David Thorpe at noon.

Baseball America's Jim Callis at 2PM.

Baseball Prospectus' Christina Kahrl at 2PM.

Fantasy Baseball Focus II at 3PM.