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Draft Fallout - Titans WRs

I'll give a hat tip to commenter bruceg and admit that the wide receiving corps in Tennessee is one of the worst in the league.  Knowing this, the Titans brass spent their 3rd, 4th and 6th round draft picks on wide receivers.  Does quantity make up for quality?  

The first WR taken, Paul Williams (80th overall), doesn't exactly look like what you'd call a franchise-saving draft pick.  He finished his injury-riddled senior season at Fresno State with 21 catches for 229 yards and a touchdown. There is talk that Williams would be better off if he moved to cornerback.  Some scouts say that he doesn't have the desire to play football at all after his older brother was paralyzed (and later died) playing football for the University of Washington.

Um...ok then.  <Awkward silence>

Williams is saying all the right things about wanting to be a receiver, wanting to play with Vince Young, etc, etc so it's possible the scouts are wrong.  Right now, I have no idea how this will play out. Williams could be a third-string cornerback, he could be a decent wide receiver, he could be a head case.  Keep an eye on how things are going with the Titans this summer.

The second guy was Chris Davis (128th overall) a short, fast receiver out of Florida State.  He's not considered a game breaker, though he did return punts in college.  He'll go into camp fighting for a position and considering the guys they have there now, he has a decent chance of earning one.

The final receiver they drafted was Joel Filani (188th overall), a muscular receiver out of the run-and-gun offense at Texas Tech.  Now this is the type of draft pick that fantasy players like.  Filani is a big receiver, drafted in the late rounds from a smaller program to a team that desperately needs a breakout wide receiver.  He averaged 102.6 yds per game last season which led all receivers in the Big 12.  My sleeper sense is tingling!

Filani is a long shot, but there aren't any receivers on the Titans right now (including the two guys listed above) that are so dominating that Filani won't get his chance.  Keep an eye on what he's doing in camp, if he wins a spot he's a great candidate for to be the breakout wide receiver on the Titans.