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During Sunday night's game between the Yankees and Mets, Peter Gammons reported that Yankees' skipper Joe Torre spoke to his veteran players to determine how they felt about the special treatment being afforded to Roger Clemens, and the responses were positive.

This bit of reporting was a result not only of the special treatment Clemens is going to receive but also as a result of comments made by Yankees reliever Kyle Farnsworth about the fact- fact! - that Clemens treatment doesn't fit the common definition of team.  Clearly, Torre's defintion of "team" equals "just veterans". I disagree as, I suspect, former Yankees' reliever Buddy Groom would.

ESPN baseball analyst, and bane to all sabre-nurtured baseball commentators, Joe Morgan agreed with Farnsworth, and I applaud his honesty.  That is why I have included a link to his 11:15AM chat.  Because one doesn't agree with much of what someone says does not mean that person can't provide important pieces of knowledge.

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