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Draft Fallout - Dwayne Jarrett

Three days after Carolina drafted WR Dwayne Jarrett (45th overall), the Panthers decided they didn't want to give Keyshawn Johnson the damn ball anymore and released him  While it was partly a move to reduce salary, the Panthers were confident that Jarrett could step in and replace Keyshawn right away.  Considering Keyshawn's fantasy-worthy totals of 70 receptions, 815 rec yards and 4 touchdowns last season, Jarrett would be worth a spot on your fantasy team if could do it.

Jarrett has been criticized for a lackadaisical attitude and has been compared to Keyshawn himself as well as (yikes!) Mike Williams.  Head Coach John Fox isn't a guy known to put up with a lot of crap though, so if there will be trouble with Jarrett we should know about it sooner rather than later.  Assuming all is well in Panthers camp this summer, Jarrett should immediately take over as the #2 wide receiver behind Steve Smith.  

Jarrett has an experienced quarterback in Jake Delhomme and, if he falters or gets injured, a fantastic backup in David Carr.  The Panthers also have a solid running game to keep opposing secondaries honest.  This is a great position for Jarrett and there's no reason - other than the previously mentioned attitude issues - to think that Jarrett won't be a productive fantasy wide receiver.  I would expect him to finish with stats close to the stats that Keyshawn put up last season (800 yards and 4-5 touchdowns). A breakout season of 1000+ yards and 6-7 touchdowns is possible.