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Carlos Zambrano

The Cubs are going to move their closer, Ryan Dempster, into the starting rotation for a reason that is not yet dislosed.  5th starter Angel Guzman is being moved back to the bullpen after three starts in which he pitched 15.1 innings and allowed six runs, 22 runners and 13 strikeouts.  Does this make sense?

Ryan Dempster is 9-10 in save opportunites and hasn't started a game since the early part of the 2005 season.  He ended up saving 33 games that season and saved 24 last year.  None of his starting numbers are more impressive that the small sample of what Guzman has done this season.  So I ask why?

I am going to guess that there is a pitcher currently in the Cubs' starting rotation who is pitching with an injury that will soon be revealed.  If I were a Cubs fan, I'd be too afraid to even contemplate taking a guess who that starter is, but I am not a Cubs' fan.  However, I'm not enamored of schadenfreude so much that I want to do it.  I will say that this pitcher is a free agent after the season and was willing to take $40MM or so less than Barry Zito received this past off-season.