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New York Yankees

Yesterday's loss to the New York Mets dropped the New York Yankess five games under .500 with one quarter of the season finished.  Since Opening Day there has been nothing but black clouds over the Yanks.  Is this the season that marks the end of the latest Yankees' dynasty?

How can this team improve?  Is there anyone that can be traded to address the middle relief and bench?  If it is one of their top minor league talents i.e. Jose Tabata, will this season be dubbed, "1988 All Over Again"?

For fantasy owners, it gets worse.  This team of superstars carry fantasy values reflective of their pre-2007 performances/seve- and eight-figure yearly salaries.  There were no Darin Erstads or Mike Hamptons on the Yankees. If the Yankees do not recover, those fantasy squads reliant on Bobby Abreu and Johnny Damon and Robinson Cano and Mariano Rivera will also suffer.

Are things as glum as they appear?

Update [2007-5-20 14:32:55 by Eric Hz]: And the team captain doesn't like the best player! That doesn't help the ever-elusive chemistry when teamamtes will naturally take sides.