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Chat Links

Lots of fantasy baseball chatting today because Rotowire's Jeff Erickson will be hosting a chat at Baseball Prospectus at 2PM.  Unfortunately, it goes head-to-head with the best chat of the week - Jim Callis' discussion about minor leaguers.

Fortunately, BP is much better at making the content of its chats available to a wider audience by keeping the transcript available to non-subscribers.

ESPN's draft guru, Mel Kuyper Jr, talks NFL draft at 1PM.  Is his the final thought on this past weekend's draft?  Possibly.

Fantasy Baseball Focus Part I at 11AM.

NFL Draft with Mel Kuyper at 1PM.

Baseball America's Jim Callis at 2PM.

Fantasy Baseball Focus Part II

Jeff Erickson on Baseball Prospectus at 2PM.