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Rich Harden and Felix Hernandez Part Deux

A week ago, I noted that the A's and Mariners' had placed their aces on the DL and cautioned fantasy players to look for lengthened time tables for returns to get a signal that things are not going well with the injury recovery process.

Today, we learn that Rich Harden is being advised to remain inactive for another 10 ten days.  I'm not surprised as his progression has worsened with each piece of news.  However, I was very surprised to read this on

Instead of coming off the 15-day disabled list on Friday [May 4] to face the Yankees in New York, the 20-year-old now is penciled in to start the middle game of a three-game series against the Tigers on May 9.

"We would rather be safe than sorry with him," manager Mike Hargrove said. "His bullpen [session on Tuesday] was fine, but we just feel better giving him a few extra days. If we get to [May 9] and feel he needs a few more days, we'll give him more time."

Maybe it was the return of JJ Putz to good health, but I really didn't see this coming.  I was looking forward to a Friday match-up against my Yankees.  Philip Hughes pitching a no-hitter on Tuesday night, and King Felix on Friday.  That would have been a nice week of baseball.

Now, alarms are ringing on both young pitchers.