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Draft Fallout -- Possible QB Starters

Once you've gotten past the Russells and the Quinns, there are a few quarterbacks who just might see significant playing time this year.  And one or two of them might make you forget those other guys:

He doesn't usually look this goofy: New Miami QB John Beck.

John Beck - Miami, 40th overall - Our sister blog The Phinsider thinks that the Dolphins passed on Brady Quinn hoping that this guy would drop in their laps.  Well, maybe.  But it does seem that every pundit who is ripping the Dolphins for passing on Quinn is forgetting that they drafted Beck in a fairly high (40th) draft position. There's probably a reason for that, huh?  We still don't know what's going on with Daunte Culpepper but it wouldn't be a shock if the Dolphins announce in July that Beck is the starter.  I rated Culpepper highly in my QB rankings because I think that Miami has the pieces to allow him to do very well.  If Beck were the starter instead, he would also have the pieces around him to do very well - better pieces than Russell or Quinn.   Keep an eye on what happens with John Beck because he could be a fantasy starter by the time the season starts.

Drew Stanton - Detroit, 43rd overall - Jon Kitna is the man in Detroit, right?  Well, yes he is.  But the Lions wouldn't spend a high 2nd round pick on a QB if they were happy with Dan Orlovsky. There's no way that Stanton unseats Kitna, but if Kitna gets injured you'll suddenly see Drew Stanton with a wide receiver corps of Roy Williams, Mike Furrey, Calvin Johnson and Marcus Robinson.  That's enough talent to help cover up plenty of rookie mistakes.  For Drew Stanton (and you), there's only one broken ankle between unknown backup and absolute fantasy gold.

Trent Edwards - Buffalo, 92nd overall - He's not going to depose the current starter (J.P. Losman) either, but here's another guy that's only an injury away from inheriting a decent group of offensive weapons.  Lee Evans is a star and new RB Marshawn Lynch will keep opposing defenses honest.  He wouldn't be an instant fantasy starter like Beck or Stanton, but if Losman goes down he could be worth a fill-in start in larger leagues.